About Us

Nascomms remain at the forefront of click to call and phone to phone lead tracking technology with a simple combination of good ideas and innovative programmers. We listen to our customers, understand their businesses and develop solutions that work.

Nascomms programmer

1 Our team of talented Australian programmers create stable, reliable software solutions.

2 Our software is constantly enhanced and improved in line with the changing demands of business.

3 Complete customer satisfaction is Nascomms' number one motivation and what keeps us ahead.

Nascomms click to call and phone to phone lead tracking software is flexible and simple to deploy and use.

A bit about Nascomms®

100% Australian owned and operated - 100% Australian technology.

Nascomms designed its first click to call and call tracking software in the 1990's and immediately patented this ground-breaking technology. At that time, Nascomms was the only company in the world producing results-driven outcomes from phone calls using a stand-alone software application for business.

Today, as with all good ideas, there are many copycats. But the copycats fail to grasp what it is that keeps Nascomms out in front.

For one thing, we employ talented Australian programmers who embrace our love for customer service and pride in what we produce. This means that we are constantly enhancing "our" click to call and phone to phone call tracking software solutions to provide an ever improving service.

To ensure we provide a consistent service that matches our high standards, our systems are available 24/7, our redundancy sites are automated and they are located throughout several different Australian States.

Importantly, it's our customers who drive us, not the dollars. Almost 100% of them have come via referrals from other customers - we are extremely proud of this result.

When you call Nascomms you will be talking to the people who built, designed and maintain the services we offer. We can make our click to call and phone to phone lead tracking services match your exact requirements without third party license considerations - no one else can say that!

What we do and how we do it

Nascomms provide click to call and phone to phone lead tracking from any form of media for call centre managers, marketing co-ordinators, research teams and consultants who provide services to their clients that are normally difficult to quantify.

Do you need to know where those calls originated from, how that caller interacted with your staff, how many appointments and sales were made? Did your caller call about the product you advertised, did you miss a call - if so why did you miss that call, and what did you do about it? Were your fixed line phones down and did you even know about it? What is your busiest hour and day of the week and is it the same on a regular basis?

Nascomms click to call and phone to phone software solutions give you all of this information so you can gain in-depth knowledge before you place your next advertisement or book your next seminar or training session.

We're on your side and part of your team.

Our aim is to provide you with useful information, not create more work for you. If there is an automated solution we can implement to do those analytic tasks, discussing it with us will cut through all those barriers to producing your weekly or monthly reports. It's all part of the service we provide.

Don't let costs prevent you from asking about a solution.

With more than 14 years of dealing with marketing teams, you may find a Nascomms solution exists already. If not, it may only take a short time to deliver. And because we offer new features to all of our customers, the cost of production may not be attributed to you. Just ask us, we love a challenge.

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