ClickCalling® enables you to capture interested visitors whilst they are still on your website, and connect them directly with a real person. What could be more convenient for a visitor than clicking a button on your website to call your company while they’re still browsing?

Call Tracking with ClickCalling

1 More than two thirds of online shopping carts are abandoned before they reach the checkout.

2 The likelihood of an abandoned cart reduces by up to 45% if the website offers live customer service.

3 With ClickCalling you'll access a person to person opportunity to increase the end value of the sale.

What better opportunity will your sales team get to convert a browser into a customer?


How ClickCalling Works

Global visitors to the site click a button on the page to initiate a call. They type in their phone number, then click "Call Me" immediately their phone will ring. At the same time, your company's business phone is called. When answering, the call centre operator will hear a whisper announcing the source of the call - the visitor is then connected to a prepared team member.

If you miss a call, the customer has the option leave a message. The message is emailed to your business for your people to attend to. Even if the caller doesn't leave a message, your business will receive details of the missed call so you can follow up and retrieve the sale.

ClickCalling Benefits

By improving the cross-channel shopping experience and bridging your web channel to your contact center, you are able to provide support when it is most needed, in real time, to help complete a higher percentage of online transactions.

Graphs and statistics.

ClickCalling provides comprehensive data and charts to determine the effectiveness of your internet marketing.

You can view the total number of leads and compare them with previous weeks, months and years.

Determine when your peak periods are and see how your staff handle the call volume during these periods.

See unique and repeat calls - how many calls does it take before your staff make a sale?

PreTalk advertising.

ClickCalling enables you to deliver advertising or informational messages to callers before they are connected.

This is especially useful when high call volumes cause your team to take longer than normal to answer. PreTalk occupies the caller's interest and reduces the temptation to hang up.


ClickCalling automatically sends scheduled email notifications and online reports documenting every ClickCalling lead - even missed calls and out of hours contacts.

You can easily follow up with customers to ensure no opportunity is ever missed.

Search engine tracking - dynamic links.

ClickCalling's dynamic link display clearly shows which sources brought the visitor to your site from your online marketing campaigns.

All you need to do is copy and paste a small script into your website pages and watch the results in your Search Engine analytics.

You can easily compare analytics results with your account logs to confirm you have data that you can rely on.

More ClickCalling features.
  • Call diversion: set up diversions to suit your office hours.
  • Caller ID: integration with your Caller ID system.
  • Greeting: A short, branded greeting for your caller.
  • Whisper: A brief announcement to prepare your sales staff when they answer a call.
  • Call recording: capture the entire conversation between both parties.
  • Global free call: capture callers from anywhere you do business.
  • Out of Hours Solutions: The internet is 24/7 but your business may not be.
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