GeoCalling™ captures detailed sales lead results from callers responding to marketing in print, broadcast or online media. Providing you with a clear picture of how to optimise your marketing for maximum lead generation.

Call Tracking with ClickCalling

1 Do you know which marketing media are generating sales leads and which are not?

2 Would customers be more likely to call if you advertise a local or toll-free number?

3 Are you capturing enough data to really understand your customers?

GeoCalling™ gives you all this and more, helping you to maximise every sales lead opportunity.


How GeoCalling Works

GeoCalling is a feature packed tracking suite that not only provides an inbound sales lead to your business from any type of advertising, but all the background information needed to analyse results in a most creative way.

Get real-time reporting as your calls come in, contact details to follow up on, and so much more.

Set up numbers local to the territory you are advertising in, even if it is outside of Australia, and automatically divert those calls direct to your Australian business phone number(s).

Take control of your communications without changing your phone system, without additional hardware and with no Telco charges, even for international calls or outbound follow up calls.

GeoCalling Benefits

By utlising a unique telephone number for each tracking source, GeoCalling™ captures detailed sales lead results from local, national and international callers responding to marketing in print, broadcast and online media.

Detailed lead logs.

Every detail of a GeoCalling™ sales lead call is instantly added to your logs. Detailing the ad source, the caller's number, the time, the date and status of the call.

Call logs are updated once the call is finished, unanswered or encountered a busy signal. All details for each lead are available for viewing 24/7. All data captured forms part of the automated reports.

Missed Call Notification

So your sales or customer service team answer every incoming call. Would you know if you have missed a call?

Nascomms will register missed calls in your logs and instantly send you an email with the details and the reason those calls were missed, so you can follow up immediately to retrieve the sale if possible. We even provide the return call facility so you have a complete record of the caller transaction with your service.

Your automated reports will provide the number and percentage of calls missed, and why, so you can compare month on month how your solutions are improving your call performance to capture more calls.

Dynamic search engine tracking.

If you run search engine analytics for your website clicks, and have been unable to find out how many sales calls resulted from direct dial sources, Nascomms Dynamic Search Engine tracking will generate analytics from each unique source.

To track online or offline sales leads you need Nascomms Dynamic Search Engine tracking to provide real time flexible options for changing campaigns.

More GeoCalling features.
  • Call diversion: time of day diversions to suit your office hours.
  • Caller ID: integration with your Caller ID system.
  • Greeting: A short, branded greeting for your caller.
  • Whisper: A brief announcement to prepare your sales staff when they answer a call.
  • Call recording: capture the entire conversation between both parties.
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