Growing Business

Looking to Grow?

Nascomms tools will give you the professional edge on your competition by helping you manage your inbound calls and advertising dollar. Nascomms will scale with you as your business grows.

What's Included

In as little as 10 minutes, Nascomms can have you setup and ready to promote your business to your clients with a professional edge. Simple integration with your existing website will allow offline marketing analytics using your phone numbers. Take advantage of the powerful tools on offer.

Existing Number Porting

Bring your existing numbers with you and take advantage of Nascomms powerful suite of tools. Our staff can help organise the porting of your landline numbers.

1300 numbers

Nascomms offer, on request, a range of specialty numbers to suite your business presence to give your organisation a national contact point.

Multiple Accounts

Whether is different offices, different states or even internationally, setting up multiple accounts allows for even greater customisation of your inbound call needs which can be tailored to each situation.

Call Tracking

Boost the power of your online, social media and print based advertising campaigns by using Nascomms Call Tracking. Data is available at your fingertips to know where and when your advertising media budget is getting the best responses.

Call Routing

Redirect your calls at the press of a button. Whether to another physical location, mobile operations centre, travelling sales person or home office, Nascomms powerful call routing gives your customers access to a staff member at all times.

Missed Call Notifications

Phones busier than you have people to answer? Your customers will be requested to leave a message and you and your staff will be notified by email or sent the voicemail message in your inbox.

Managed Business Hours

Regain control of when and where your calls are received by setting business hours for each of your numbers. Set up voicemail or routing of calls by time and office operating hours.

Offline Number Tracking

Nascomms Dynamic Numbers allow your business to keep track or identify your advertising effectiveness. Data presented can track your customers that visit your website even after they have left your site.