Large Enterprise

Our larger customers often require larger support and quick turn around times.

Whether you are setting up numbers for a new campaign, opening a new office, expanding nationally or internationally, Nascomms team will assist you every step of the way and often within a 24hour period. Nascomms has developed solutions for larger organisations for over 15 years. Our skilled technical and management team can provide bespoke solutions tailored to your organisations immediate needs. Developed systems require no hardware investment and can therefore also be implemented in short timeframes giving your group the maximum uptime for your projects.

What's Included

Data is an essential tool in big business and Nascomms is the name businesses rely on to not only deliver key intelligence on their marketing and sales processes but to do so with the highest security procedures and technology available today.

Onsite Assistance

We have real people at Nascomms and our expert staff will help you face to face if you require our support.

Priority Service

With larger organisations come larger problems. Nascomms is here to make sure we are supporting you in every way possible as soon as possible.

Assigned Account Manager

Nascomms provides you with a real person to contact whenever you need. You will access to your own Australian Accounts Manager who will assist you with setup, billing and customisation requests whenever you require. You will never need to explain who you are.

Priority Customisation

Simply notify us of your company needs and our developers will work to provide a solution custom fit for your organisation.